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Wing foil Texel is committed to provide courses that fit every skill level with new equipment in the most adapted conditions.

We offer different type courses so our goal is to make you safely fly thanks to an innovative teaching approach.

We offer lessons with e-foil, so you learn to fly with more control thanks to an electrical foil board.

Check out our current course offerings below.

                            “FROM ZERO TO HERO”

 Are you a total beginner with no knowledge of water sports?     

 So we’re going to start from the beginning.

 1st  les, 2h: wing control at the beach and on a SUP in the water

 2nd les, 1h: e-foil, let's fly with an electrical e-foil baord

 3nd les, 2h: let's connect Wing & Foil baord

  RATES : (3 sessions)

  3  privé les                 (1 pers. 1 instr.)  5h = 460€

  3 semi-privé les        (2 pers. 1 instr.)  5h = 260€ p.p.

 Equipment included (wing, board, wetsuit, impact west, helmet )

                             “WING PROJECT”

  You are already a master in another discipline (kitesurf, kitefoil,    windsurf, ) so this pack is for you.

  In this case we will test your skills at the beginning of your course   to determine your needs, in order to adapt the best possible           teaching program.

  RATES : (2 sessions)


  2 x 2 uur privé les           (1 pers. 1 instr.) 4h = 320€

  2 x 2 uur semi-privé les  (2 pers. 1 instr.) 4h = 180€ p.p.

  Equipment included ( wing, board, wetsuit, impact west, helmet )

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  You just want to get an introduction course from wing foil. We will   start at the beach and then  in the water with adapted equipment  to give you the first sensation.

So let's try to see if you want more?!  


  RATES : (1 session)


  2 uur privé les             (1 pers. 1 instr.)   2h = 160€

  2 uur semi-privé les    (2 pers. 1 instr.)  2h = 90€ p.p.

  Equipment included ( wing, board, wetsuit, impact west, helmet )


You already ride so you want to concentrate on one thing .

Let s go together on the water : you look and learn and I train from the water. The fun way to progress and get to it. 

You want to wing foil jibe or jump……. let s get wet and you will achieve your goal.

Coaching is only in private lesson.

With 1,5 hour there is enough time to get the job done!

                 1,5 uur coaching (1 pers. 1 instr.)  = 100€


Contact Us

Wing & Kite School


The Netherlands

+31 (0)630 615 032

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