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Why wing foil is the hottest new generation watersports?

THE FEELING OF LEVITATING over water while being powered by the wind is as incredible as it is addictive. Holding an inflatable wing and catching the breeze while standing on a board, with only an attached hydrofoil in the water — this is what winging, or wing foiling is all about.

If you’re unfamiliar with wing foiling, imagine a collision between a kitesurfer and a windsurfer. From the ensuing carnage, a sleeker and more user-friendly waterborne package that requires less wind to work emerges.

Less equipment also means it’s easier to learn, as there are fewer things to think about and get tangled.

Moreover, the whole set up is travel-friendly – especially when compared to the size of windsurfing equipment.

With winging, you have a board, a foil, and a wing. Everything can be easily bagged and checked when traveling, and it’s all compact enough to fit into a small apartment and a rental car.

Is it easy to learn to wing foil?

Now, while this all sounds simple and straight-forward, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

Beginners should start in stable wind conditions on flat water.

Start with a big board and medium-sized foil and take it step by step. If you can get out three days in a row in good conditions, you will get it.

Lessons will always give you the proper way to learn and keep you safe.

What equipment do you need to wing foil?

Wings — They come in different sizes. Which size you use is dependent on your weight, strength of the wind and how buoyant (i.e; how many liters) your board is. The stronger the wind, the smaller the wing. Wing sizes generally come in three, four, five, and six meters. A four- or five-meter wing is suitable for beginners, covering an array of wind speeds from 10 to 30 Knots.

Foils and boards — Hydrofoils are referred to simply as foils, and there are many different types of foils and boards on the market, from beginner to complete professional setups.

A lot of people liken wing foiling to snowboarding in powder, as it has that same feeling of smooth glide and drawn out high speed carves.

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