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Wing foil Texel is also a kitesurf school where you will get  new equipment, IKO instructeur and lot s of fun to learn.

With years of experiences, I will make your objective a reality.

Bring your energy I will do the rest!

Check out our current course offerings below.



3 times 2 hour 450€

This time you are super motivated but you don’t know yet if this sport is made for you? The “Step by Step" formula offers you a great latitude to learn and feel your first sensations with the program : the basics, kite control and Body drag.  You will know at the end of this first course if you wish to continue your learning and the adventure with us !


2 times 2 hour 300€

Come on, just a little more effort to feel like a fish in water. You wish to validate some of the skills acquired during a previous course, we will review them together at the beginning of the course in order to progress at your own pace, with the objective of achieving autonomy and the last few steps that will open the doors to paradise.




  • Privé               2 uur (1 pers. 1 inst.)   150€

  • Semi-Privé     2 uur (2 pers. 1 inst.)    85€ pp

          All equipment included



 You already ride so you want to concentrate on one thing .

 Let s go together on the water : you look and learn , I look and  correct. The fun way to progress and get to it. 

 You want to wing foil jibe or kitesurf strapless……. let s get wet  and you will achieve your goal.

 Coaching is only in privé lesson.

 With 1,5 hour  there is enough time to get the job done!

    1,5 uur: 100 € 

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Wing & Kite School


The Netherlands

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